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This site has been made purely to try and help everyone out at this tricky time. You have our word there’s no commercial gain involved.

#StockUpSmall started when two of us who have smaller brands, Joe and Andy,  both independently decided to do something to support smaller brands during the current climate.

Joe created a social media campaign using the name and hashtag #StockUpSmall, and Andy built this site for smaller brands to show they were still able to deliver products direct to consumers. The site needed a name, and as Joe and Andy know each other, ‘Stock Up Small’ was the obvious fit.  It means the project has been co-created by the community it supports from day one.

The list is created directly from the sign up form, so we can’t be responsible for it’s accuracy.

If you need to change anything, drop a note to and we’ll help if we can.

If you want to help out, launch a new country or just to chat about this site, please use the form on this page.

And, if you’re interested the original posts that started this all off are here:

Finally big thanks to the businesses that have reached out to help support the campaign: Our Agency

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